TRONOX received a $4.3 billion offer for a exclusive buyout from APOLLO.

As to, Greg Roumeliotis, the Private equity firm Apollo Global Management Inc (APO.N) has approached Tronox Holdings Plc (TROX.N), one of the world’s largest pigment manufacturers, with a $4.3 billion all-cash offer, people familiar with the matter said on Monday.
EXCLUSIVE Buyout firm Apollo makes $4.3 billion offer to buy Tronox -sources.

Chlorine supply and logistics affect Tronox production

Tronox co-CEOs John Romano and Jean François Turgeon told analysts on the Tronox second quarter earnings conference call that in the second quarter, Tronox encountered chlorine availability restrictions and these issues are expected to also affect the company’s current third quarter titanium White powder business.
In addition to the chlorine issue, continued global supply and logistics restrictions that limit the availability of ships and containers will affect Tronox’s TiO2 business in the third quarter. The company’s executives said that due to tight logistics, sales in the third quarter are currently expected to drop by 5-10% from the record level in the second quarter. They said that although Tronox had expected improvements earlier in 2021, it now believes that the problem will continue until the end of the year.
In addition, in South Africa, the recent social unrest and riots may cause port disruptions, thereby delaying the transportation of Tronox’s raw materials.
At the same time, Tronox said that demand for its titanium dioxide remains strong. These executives said that despite the slowdown in demand growth in China, “we have not seen a weakening in demand at all.”

The global supply of tio2 is getting worse.

After the force majeure announcement of RBM, the market of CP grades TiO2 was expected to raise in 3rd and 4th quarter. But after the mid of July, the Wait-and-see sentiment in the market since May finally leads to a price fallback in Asia, and some Chinese manufacturers had to reduce their price to continues their production.

Was the uptrend turning around? We all asked the same question.

Rio Tinto declares force majeure at Richards Bay Minerals

According to Businesswire in London, Rio Tinto has declared force majeure on customer contracts at Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) in South Africa due to an escalation in the security situation at the operations. This has led to the decision to cease operations until the safety and security position improves.

Rio Tinto chief executive Minerals, Sinead Kaufman, said: “The safety of our people is our top priority.We continue to offer our full support to the investigating authorities and I would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of the regional and national governments and South African Police Service as we work together to ensure that we can safely resume operations.”

Global titanium dioxide market outlook for the better

Recently, a number of titanium dioxide manufacturers said that the global demand for titanium dioxide is strong and the supply is tight, and the market price may continue to rise. Major producers Chemours, Venator, Tronox and Kronos reported positive results in the first quarter and expect their performance to continue to grow for the rest of this year.

Increase in sales and decrease in inventory

China Containerized Freight Index reached a new record high

China Containerized Freight Index knowns as CCFI, is an important index reflecting the shipping price.
On 11th June, the CCFI reached a new high to 2442.57 from 2373.77 in a 2.9% rise comparing with last period dated 4th June.

In which, the Europe serivces increased 4.6% ranked the first on the list. The top ten as following:

International rutile prices rose in the third quarter

With the recovery in Europe and America, the demand for titanium raw materials by European and American companies is also recovering. It is understood that driven by the growth of demand in Europe and the United States, ILUKA’s rutile quotation in the third quarter rose from the previous US$1,495/ton to US$1,640/ton. In addition to ILUKA, some foreign companies have also raised the price of 95 rutile. At present, the international quotations of 95 rutiles are all above US$1,600/ton, and the supply exceeds demand. According to several rutile manufacturers, the current western downstream users are more active in purchasing rutile raw materials, and the spot supply of rutile is tight.

In May, ILUKA announced that it would suspend the production of rutile mines in Sierra Leone after November this year, which will cause the global supply of rutile to drop by more than 140,000 tons per year. At the same time, the safety accident at Rio Tinto’s South Africa plant has made the plant’s future stability of high-titanium slag supply uncertain. If the output of ILUKA rutile is reduced while Rio Tinto’s South Africa titanium slag plant also sees a decline in output, then the global supply of high-grade titanium-rich materials at the end of this year will not be optimistic.

LomonBillions announced price increase since 1st July 2021

LomonBillions announced price increase, since 1st July 2021, all grades of titanium dioxide(Sulfate process tio2, Chloride process tio2) price will increase 500yuan/mt based on last price offer.
Lomon Baili raised prices for 6 consecutive times during the year.

The high-titanium slag market enters a short period of stability

This month, the northern 90 titanium slag bidding price was 7,600 yuan/ton, an increase of 100 yuan/ton from last month. Since March, the price of 90 titanium slag has risen at a relatively large pace, mostly around 400 yuan/ton. The slowdown in the price increase this time indicates that the high-titanium slag market will enter a period of relatively stable prices in the future.

The reason why the price of high-titanium slag rose sharply in March and April was mainly due to the rapid increase in the price of ilmenite leading to rising costs. Recently, the northern high-titanium slag enterprises have gradually completed the establishment of ilmenite inventory, and the average ilmenite inventory is about 2-3 months. Therefore, the production cost of high-titanium slag in the north will be relatively stable in the future, and a single increase of 400 yuan/ton will temporarily bid farewell to the market. From a long-term trend, with the gradual resumption of production of western titanium dioxide companies, the demand for ilmenite in the West will also gradually increase, and the corresponding supply to the Chinese market will decrease. The recent discovery of a mutated new coronavirus in Vietnam has brought certain uncertainty to the future market trend. The Vietnamese market is my country’s main source of titanium slag raw materials. Although the supply has declined in recent years, it has maintained a relatively stable supply. In contrast, although ilmenite from Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Falkland Islands, and Norway appeared on the market some time ago, they cannot become a stable source. If the spread of the new coronavirus in Vietnam affects its export of ilmenite to my country, it may push up the price of domestic titanium chloride ore in the future. After the current inventory of ilmenite in the titanium slag plant is exhausted, the price of titanium slag may change again due to the cost of ilmenite.

LomonBillions may invest 400Million CNY to build new factory in Gansu

Recently, LomonBillions announced, according to the company’s business and strategic development needs, in order to further increase the company’s market share and strengthen the company’s competitiveness, the wholly-owned subsidiary Longbai sichuan titanium limited is planning to invest 400MillionCNY in JinCang City, Gansu Province, China, to build new factory, which will be named Gansu Billions Chemical Co ltd (Subject to the final actual name).

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