LomonBillions may invest 400Million CNY to build new factory in Gansu

Recently, LomonBillions announced, according to the company’s business and strategic development needs, in order to further increase the company’s market share and strengthen the company’s competitiveness, the wholly-owned subsidiary Longbai sichuan titanium limited is planning to invest 400MillionCNY in JinCang City, Gansu Province, China, to build new factory, which will be named Gansu Billions Chemical Co ltd (Subject to the final actual name).

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Tronox announced the price increase in asia pacific

Tronox announced, since 1st July 2021, all TIONA TiO2 products sold to asia pacific price will increase 225USD/MT.
Tronox said, now the TiO2 is still in strong demands, and the shipping sistuation is still tight and challenging. The 60days deliverying policy is still live.

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Pangang New CP grade TiO2 production line final test is in progress

Pangang Group said recently, now the company is organizing forces for the final test of new production line of CP grade TiO2, which was designed for 15K/Mt annual capacity.
After then, the new production line is estimated to come into real production.

Data shows, Panzhihua area in Sichuan Province China, is one of the four largest iron ore production area, in which the associated resources reserves rank first of the whole world. Low-temperature chlorination process for producing titanium dioxide is the company original technology, using carbonized slag as its raw material. CR-350 grade is in stable mass production.

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