Is it the last radiance of the setting sun? LB followed the increase trend.
TiO2 analysis on 3rd Dec. 2021 by ICIS
The coming 2022 was set to start from a higher ground.

The coming 2022 was set to start from a higher ground.

After Kronos’ announcement in 02nd Nov, on 17th Venator announced the 400USD/MT increase in asia pacific region since 1st Jan. 2022. And today, TRONOX announced the 350USD/MT increase in the same region.
At the meanwhile, the Chinese suppliers is quiet and easy. Some of them lower their price a little, but most of the suppliers kept their price still. In a whole view, the price is stable. But now, the dealers’ stock is not abundant. If the output comes into a shortage, the price will jump quickly.

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TiO2 market analysis in the mid of Nov.2021

TiO2 market analysis in the mid of Nov.2021

In the early of this month, KRONOS announced 400USD/MT price increase effect from 1th Jan. 2022.
Our analysist thinks it was more like a late response to earlier market increasing. With the restriction of Memorandum of Cooperation(MOC), the increasing pressure was passed to next year. But more importantly, the global shortage of chloride process tio2 is a strong pillar stone to the price increasing.

But to the Sulphate process products, it is another story. After the increasing wave in late of Oct.2021, the market is far more weaker than expected. After breaking the record time again and again, the market finally calms down a little bit. And people are waiting to the ChinaCoat2021, and expecting a drop after that.

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TiO2 market analysis and price trend

The fifth round of price increases during the year landed, titanium dioxide price rose for 11 consecutive months, Zhaoliyun Original content 年内第五轮涨价落地 钛白粉连涨11个月

As a product whose price fluctuations have attracted much attention from the market before, the announcement of titanium dioxide’s recent rise has been submerged in the “rising sound” of various commodities one after another. Inadvertently, titanium dioxide has been rising for 11 consecutive months, and the fifth round of price increases this year has also landed one after another, and the record for the longest product price increase is about to be broken.

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China's titanium dioxide market analysis in December 2019 and the market forecast for the beginning of 2020

In the whole year of 2019, China’s titanium dioxide market experienced five stages of ups and downs. At the end of the year, the price has fallen to a certain extent compared with the beginning of the year. At present, the price of Chinese rutile titanium dioxide FOB price is 1950.00 usd/ton—2200 usd/ton, anatase titanium dioxide FOB is from 1700 usd/ton to 1800 usd/ton. Among them, the market price of Lonmong Billions announced a total of 4 times price increase, respectively on February 12, March 7, August 15, and September 3. The declines were in January, July, and November.
China market TiO2 price trend in 2019 (Jan. to Nov., FOB CN port)
After entering December, due to the suspension of operation of Richards Bay in South Africa, the situation of raw materials is further strained. At the same time, due to the increasing cost of titanium raw materials manufacturers in China, titanium dioxide manufacturers have to consider whether to conduct price increases or halt for maintenance. At present, Most manufacturers have chosen the former and announced price increases ranging from 30-50 usd/ton to offset the cost pressure brought by the continuous price increase of titanium raw materials.
Chinese tio2 import and export from 2008-2019
In January 2020, due to the traditional Chinese New Year holiday, China’s titanium dioxide market is expected to maintain the current price increase trend. At the same time, the titanium dioxide supply may be in short and tight in general. It is expected that large-scale price increases will occur in February. At the same time, due to the influence of titanium raw materials, the production cost of chlorinated titanium dioxide will be greatly increased, and the supply of high-quality titanium ore and high slag will continue to be tight.

Roland Wong, Market Researcher
Dusseldorf, Germany

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