China tio2 slag imports and tio2 exports analysis in the first half of 2020

  1. According to customs statistics, China imported about 200,000 tons of titanium slag in June, a year-on-year increase of 22.41% and a month-on-month decrease of 37.94%. The top three countries in terms of imports are: Australia, 70,481 tons, Mozambique, 62,141 tons, and Vietnam, 27,301 tons, respectively. At 36%, 32%, 14%.


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Summary of tio2 exported by China from May. 2020.

From Jan.2020 to May 2020, the China exported 482327 metric tons of titanium dioxide to 128 countries/regions. The largest importer is India, imported 48736MT of tio2 from China. In the end of the rank, it is Trinidad and Tobago, imported 2MT of tio2 from China.
titanium dioxide imported from China Jan.-May 2020 top20.
During the first three months of 2020, in the pandemic of COVID-19 in China, the importers rush to make stock. And you can see that the volume in this period was not jumped down heavily. But when it came to the April and May, with the spreading of COVID-19 globally, the major economy had shut down, and volume was just less than half of its in March and hit the historically low point.
titanium dioxide imported from China Jan. to Mar. 2020
“Now with the reopening of the economy in major economy, we have very good reason to believe that the needs will gradually back to normal.”, as to the expert estimated.
With the historically shrinking of needs in tio2 industry, the price hit a new low in the early of June 2020, and then kept stable for a month. But in the end of this month, the market seems to smell the opportunity for price increases, and some of the daredevils are giving it a try to intrease it.

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