TiO2 market review of May 2022

TiO2 market review of May 2022

In May, the Panxi titanium mine market was stable and weak, and the prices of small and medium-sized titanium mines continued to decline, ranging from 50-100 yuan/ton. The prices of some large manufacturers fell by 50 yuan/ton from the end of last month. The prices of small and medium-sized mines continued to decline in the first half of the month. The price is quite high; as of now, the price of 47 and 20 titanium ore in Panxi Dachang is 2400-2450 yuan/ton, the transaction price of 46 and 10 titanium ore is around 2150 yuan/ton, and the price of 38 and 42 ore excluding tax At 1500-1550 yuan / ton; the downstream titanium dioxide market demand continues to be weak, the titanium ore market demand weakens, the orders of small and medium-sized manufacturers have decreased significantly, and the price has fallen; In the second half of the month, the inquiries and purchases of downstream enterprises increased, the confidence of small and medium-sized titanium ore manufacturers increased, and the miners were more willing to support prices; the price of raw ore remained stable at a high level, and the cost pressure of small and medium-sized mine manufacturers was relatively large, and the price of low-priced titanium ore rebounded slightly at the end of the month . The market demand for titanium dioxide is temporarily stable, and the overall supply of titanium ore is still tight. The prices of large manufacturers will remain stable in June, and the prices of small and medium manufacturers will also remain stable, and individual quotations may continue to rise.

The market price of imported titanium ore has remained stable. As of now, the price of Australian 50 titanium ore is 460 US dollars / ton, the Kenmare 50 titanium ore price is 480 US dollars / ton, Kenya 47-49 ore is temporarily not quoting, and Vietnam’s imported ore is not temporarily quoting; The demand for imported titanium ore in domestic and foreign markets continued to be strong, and the amount of imported titanium ore increased significantly in April. According to customs data, China imported 467,500 tons of titanium ore in April 2022, and the domestic production capacity of chlorinated slag and chlorinated titanium dioxide was gradually released. Market demand is also gradually increasing; at present, the supply of imported titanium ore continues to maintain a tense situation, and some prices have been slightly increased.

Titanium slag

The acid residue market is running weakly and steadily this month. As of now, the ex-factory price including tax in Sichuan is 6,060-6,250 yuan/ton, and the ex-factory price including tax in Yunnan is 5,800-6,000 yuan/ton. The downstream titanium dioxide market is weak, and the acid residue market is oversupplied. , the price has been under pressure, some small and medium-sized enterprises have made a small profit, and the mainstream price has remained basically stable; this month, with most acid residue enterprises in Yunnan reducing the operation, the supply and demand of the acid residue market is balanced, and the cost price is high and firm, the acid residue price is expected to continue. Hold steady.

The high slag market continued to rise in May. This month, the new tender price of ordinary high slag in the north was 10,400 yuan/ton, up 200 yuan/ton from the previous month. The downstream market demand of high slag continues to be strong, the inventory of manufacturers is not high, and the market supply is tight. In addition, the prices of raw materials and other materials continue to rise.

Titanium tetrachloride

This month, the market price of titanium tetrachloride has risen collectively, and the cost price has continued to rise. Titanium tetrachloride is under great pressure. At the beginning of the month, Longbai Group sent a letter to increase the price of titanium tetrachloride by 500 yuan/ton. The titanium market quotation is 8,700-9,100 yuan / ton; the cost price of raw materials and other materials remains high, coupled with the resumption of production and the release of new production capacity in the downstream sponge titanium market, the supply of titanium tetrachloride is tight, and the quotation rises; the price of titanium tetrachloride is high Enterprise profits have increased, some titanium tetrachloride manufacturers have resumed production, and the market supply and demand is balanced. It is expected that the price of titanium tetrachloride will remain stable.

Titanium dioxide

The titanium dioxide market improved in May. A total of five domestic companies sent letters to adjust prices, with an increase of 500-700 yuan / ton. The international company Tenor issued a letter to increase the price by 200 US dollars / ton since July 1; as of the end of this month, China The ex-factory price of rutile titanium dioxide including tax is 19,300-20,500 yuan / ton, and the ex-factory price of anatase titanium dioxide is 17,800-18,500 yuan / ton including tax; last month, factories that cut production and stopped production gradually resumed production, and the titanium dioxide market remains high; raw materials Titanium ore and sulfuric acid prices fluctuated at a high level, the overall pressure on titanium dioxide enterprises is still relatively large, and the cost price support is strong; the domestic demand market continues to be sluggish, titanium dioxide enterprises are under pressure to receive orders, and the market competition pressure is large; the foreign trade market remains good, according to customs The data shows that in April 2022, the export of titanium dioxide was 118,600 tons, a year-on-year increase of 10.64%. From January to April 2022, the cumulative export volume of titanium dioxide was 506,600 tons, an increase of 16.42% compared with the same period last year; the international market demand was temporarily stable, and the domestic market It will enter the traditional off-season, and the titanium dioxide market will continue to be strong in June.

Sponge titanium

The market price of titanium sponge remained high in May. The current market price of titanium sponge is 74,000-85,000 yuan / ton. The domestic and foreign market demand for titanium sponge is strong, the market supply is tight, and the inventory of manufacturers is not high. The export volume of titanium sponge in the international market in April There has been an increase, mainly due to the influence of Russia and Ukraine, and the shortage of titanium sponge resources in some countries; in June, the semi-process enterprises of titanium sponge will resume operation, and the new production capacity of other enterprises will be released, and the market supply of titanium sponge will continue to increase. Prices held steady.

June market forecast:

  1. The downstream demand is weak and stable, the cost is firm, and the price of titanium ore is stable;
  2. The market demand for titanium dioxide is sluggish, and the market will continue to operate weakly;
  3. The market supply of sponge titanium will increase, and the price will be firm.

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