Pangang New CP grade TiO2 production line final test is in progress

Pangang Group said recently, now the company is organizing forces for the final test of new production line of CP grade TiO2, which was designed for 15K/Mt annual capacity.
After then, the new production line is estimated to come into real production.

Data shows, Panzhihua area in Sichuan Province China, is one of the four largest iron ore production area, in which the associated resources reserves rank first of the whole world. Low-temperature chlorination process for producing titanium dioxide is the company original technology, using carbonized slag as its raw material. CR-350 grade is in stable mass production.

TiO2 market analysis weekly updates, 4th week May 2021

Keyword: Dull

There aren’t many differences with the last week, except the shippment and exchange rates.
Read this:

TiO2 market analysis weekly updates, 3rd May 2021

Keyword: Unpredictable

If we say the first half of 2021 tio2 market was certain to surge, then now it is getting unclear and hard to predict.
There were many reasons for the certainty of price increasing in the first half, eg.:

The fifth round of price increases during the year landed, titanium dioxide price rose for 11 consecutive months, Zhaoliyun Original content 年内第五轮涨价落地 钛白粉连涨11个月

As a product whose price fluctuations have attracted much attention from the market before, the announcement of titanium dioxide’s recent rise has been submerged in the “rising sound” of various commodities one after another. Inadvertently, titanium dioxide has been rising for 11 consecutive months, and the fifth round of price increases this year has also landed one after another, and the record for the longest product price increase is about to be broken.

Venator announces global Titanium Dioxide price increases

VENATOR announces global Titanium Dioxide Price INCREASES

WYNYARD, UK – Venator Materials PLC (“Venator”) (NYSE:VNTR) today announced global price increases for all its titanium dioxide pigments for coatings, plastics, inks and paper applications. The increases are effective from July 1, 2021.
EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa): €180/t or USD USD200/t
Asia Pacific / Latin America: USD USD200/t
North America: USD $0.08/lb
The implementation of the above announced increases will be agreed with individual customers consistent with our customer tailored approach.

KRONOS announced price increase from July 1 2021

KRONOS ANOUNCED price increase at April 30th, 2021.

The full letter as following:

TiO2 material shortage has no sign of easing.

“Several price increases during the year   the prosperity of titanium dioxide continues to improve” -ECONOMIC INFORMATION DAILY,Li Ben, Beijing. 年内多次提价 钛白粉景气度持续提升
“Titanium dioxide welcomes the “price boom” again, short-term demand still exceeds supply.” -Sina Financial, ZhangJia Yun, Beijing钛白粉再迎“涨价潮” 短期仍供不应求
The industry has entered the traditional peak season, titanium dioxide staged a new round of price increase cycleYicai.com行业已进入传统旺季,钛白粉上演新一轮涨价周期
Titanium dioxide business quickly into the fifth round of the year prices surge.163.com钛白粉企业迅速投入年内第五轮涨价潮
“These price increasing letter showing the unstoppable trends of price increases.

The current domestic titanium dioxide market situation:

Asia's largest titanium dioxide manufacture is trapped in an environmental vortex: Lomon Billions has been accused of sewage for many years

Source: China Business News

  Original title: Asia’s largest titanium dioxide company is trapped in an environmental vortex: Lomon Billion (31.600, -0.05, -0.16%) has been accused of “sewage” for many years

The upcoming large-scale routine maintenance may increase the tight supply situation

Just a week after the last wave of the price increase which mostly driven by ilmenite cost, there is no any sign that the peak is coming.
But something worse, the upcoming large-scale routine maintenance will start soon.

The coming new year holidays of the western world are expected to given factories a nap time after busy productions in the post-pandemic era.

Demand resumes and supply is tight, and many companies successively increase the price of titanium dioxide products

Am AI translation version of Original article: 需求恢复现货供应紧张 中核钛白等多公司上调钛白粉产品价格 dated: 2020/12/04 08:48am UCT+8

Up and up. Since July, Titanium dioxide keeps rising. In the last month of 2020, Titanium dioxide again ushered in the tide of price increases. 1-3 December,LomonBillions(31.650), -0.72, -2.22%), Shandong Dongjia, CHTI, Shandong Dawn and other titanium dioxide enterprises announced price increases.

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