Demand resumes and supply is tight, and many companies successively increase the price of titanium dioxide products

Demand resumes and supply is tight, and many companies successively increase the price of titanium dioxide products

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Up and up. Since July, Titanium dioxide keeps rising. In the last month of 2020, Titanium dioxide again ushered in the tide of price increases. 1-3 December,LomonBillions(31.650), -0.72, -2.22%), Shandong Dongjia, CHTI, Shandong Dawn and other titanium dioxide enterprises announced price increases.

“The factors that affect the price of titanium dioxide mainly include cost and supply and demand ,” said Tian Xiaoyu, an analyst with Zhuo Chuang Information Titanium dioxide, in an interview with Securities Daily. After this round of price increases, titanium dioxide prices are expected to rise .”
Many companies raised prices
“Judging from the price increase letters issued by various enterprises at present, the domestic sales price increase is 500 yuan / ton-800 yuan / ton .” Tian Xiaoyu told the reporter.
On December 1, LomonBillions announced that from now on, the company’s sales price of various models of titanium dioxide on the basis of the original price to all kinds of domestic customers up 500 yuan/ton, international customers up 100 US dollars/ton. Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Chengdu Vanadium and Titanium Resources Development Co., Ltd. announced that since December 1, the domestic price of titanium dioxide tax base will be increased by 700 yuan per ton, and the international price will be increased by $150 per ton.

Subsequently, Shandong Dongjia, CHTI, Shandong DAWN and other enterprises have also issued price increases. Shandong Dongjia announced that the company’s titanium dioxide series products since December 2,2020, domestic sales prices increased by 800 yuan / ton, foreign sales prices increased by $100 per ton.
CNIC announcement said that from December 3, on the basis of the existing titanium dioxide sales price, the company’s various models of titanium dioxide sales price. Among them, domestic customer sales price increase 600 yuan / ton, international customer export price increase 100 US dollars / ton.

It is worth noting that the price increase is the sixth time since the second half of the year. The CHTI company has raised the price of titanium dioxide on July 14, August 7, September 8, October 10 and October 29.

The company will closely track the trend of titanium dioxide prices and the changes in supply and demand, and do a good job in adjusting the price of titanium dioxide products in time. The overall increase in the price of the main products will further enhance the company’s continued profitability, is expected to have a positive impact on business results .”
Higher prices for raw materials
After many rounds of rising, The mainstream price of titanium dioxide market has risen from 12500 yuan / ton at the end of June to about 16000 yuan / ton. The business agency said, 2 December, The latest price of titanium dioxide is 16666.67 yuan / ton, Up 4.17% in the last five days, Up 5.26% in 10 days, It rose 16.28% in 60 days.
For titanium dioxide prices continue to rise, tian Xiaoyu said :” mainly driven by two major factors, one is the continuous price increase of raw titanium concentrate, enterprise cost pressure is increasing; the other is the demand end in recovery, spot supply continues to be tight .”
According to the agency, November 11 titanium concentrate quoted as 1970 yuan / ton, Up nearly 25% from 1625 yuan per ton on October 13, Up from 1400 yuan per ton in September


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